BC BigTree Registry

We are currently experiencing technical difficulties with the online BC BigTree Registry.  Please contact the Registrar by email to submit new nominations or request information.

An overview

Tree lists

BC Champion Tree List
Champion trees are those with the highest calculated tree importance score based on their height, circumference, and crown spread measurements.  In this list you will find the highest scoring individual trees for each species.
The Record Holders List
Tree importance score is an overall measure of a tree’s stature and is based on three separate measurements.   Since the Champion is not always the tallest tree, the widest tree, or has the greatest recorded crown spread, this list also includes the top record holders for the individual measurements of height, circumference and crown spread.
The Top Ten List
This list presents the top ten highest scoring trees for each species.

The tree lists can be printed (PDF files) or downloaded (MS Excel files).  Tree locations can viewed in Google Maps and their images viewed in a slideshow.   Also contained in the lists are links to individual tree “Details” (image, location, nominator, ownership, measurements and tree score, verifier and access notes) summary sheets (PDF files).

Search features

Quick View

This quick search feature returns registry records filtered by species, town, regional district, or nominator.

Advanced Search

Advanced search options offer greater flexibility.  Trees can be filtered by their latin or common name, by genus, or more generally by tree type (broadleaf or conifer).  Location based searches can be filtered by location name, town, regional district, by latitude or longitude, or by ownership.  For example, the registry records can be filtered to display trees located between 49 and 50 degrees north, or by ownership category.  The registry records can also be searched by nominator or by tree ID#.   The filters can also be used together to produce very specific results (e.g “conifer” trees, nominated by “Stoltman”, in the “Greater Vancouver Regional District”).

Or you can try the bubble search box to find trees.  For example you can type in “Manning” to find trees in Manning Provincial Park, or cedar to display all yellow-cedar and western red cedar trees.  Your search results can viewed on Google Maps or in an image slideshow.


A variety of icons are used in the registry. Some indicate tree status (the tallest, widest, broadest crown tree, a dead tree, an access restricted tree….) and others are links (to see locations maps, images, or registry records or tree details reports).  See  Icon Helpin the registry for a key to the icons used.


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