Measuring trees

To nominate a tree, you will need to include a measurement of trunk circumference (the girth of the trunk at a specified height).   It is the easiest measurement to take accurately without specialized equipment.  The measurement of tree height and crown spread (breadth or horizontal extent of its crown) are more difficult to obtain, especially for tall trees, trees in dense forests or on steep slopes.  These measurements should be made as precisely as possible and will need to be verified by a qualified individual.  The measurement guidelines described here and in the BC BigTree Field Package follow those set by American Forests, which are used in the National and most of the state-wide big tree programs in the USA (see our “Links” page).

If you have arranged to have your tree verified, please ensure that your verifier has a copy of these guidelines and the “BC BigTree Field Package” before you head out.

Field Package

Download the BC BigTree Field Package (PDF file).