Nominating trees

Any of BC’s native tree species are eligible for nomination – they don’t have to make the top ten list to be accepted into the registry! To nominate a tree you need a valid email address. Your contact information will be kept confidential and you can even request to remain anonymous if you don’t want your name displayed.

For a tree to be displayed in the registry, its height, circumference and crown spread measurements need to be verified by a qualified individual (see “Measurement Verification” in the menu to the left). If you can not arrange to have an experienced verifier accompany you in the field, the measurements you submit will be not displayed until the tree has been re-located and measured by a BC BigTree Registered Verifier.  However, we do encourage you to attempt the measurements yourself.  It can be fun and there are some simple techniques that can give fairly good approximations  (see “Measuring trees” for measuring techniques and guidelines). Tree trunk circumference is the easiest to measure and is the only required measurement when nominating a tree.

Field Package

We have prepared a  “Field Package” describing the nomination process and the types of information you need to record.  The measurement techniques and guidelines described on this website are included in the package, as well as a printable nomination form that you can take into the field.
Download the BC BigTree Field Package.
Download the BC BigTree Nomination Form for taking into the field

Nomination Forms

There are two ways to nominate a tree.

  1. PDF: Fill out the PDF nomination form and email the form and photos to the Registrar.
    Download the nomination form.
  2. Online: Submit your nomination and upload your photos online.
    Visit the online online nomination page.

Bulk nominations

For nominations of more than 10 trees, contact the Registrar.