Measurement verification

Tree measurements should be made following the measurement standards described in Measuring Trees.  For acceptance into the BC BigTree Registry, your tree measurements will need to be verified.   This can be done by a B.C. Registered Professional Forester, Registered Professional Biologist, Forestry Technician, Timber Cruiser, Registered Land Surveyor, or other person experienced at the measurement of trees.  You can find these individuals at a local office for: (a) Ministry of Forests; (b) Timber industry; (c) Ministry of Environment; or (d) universities or colleges.  If you need further help in locating someone to measure your tree, contact the Association of B.C. Professional Foresters at (604) 687-8027.  If you arranged to have your tree verified, you will be asked to provide the name and contact information of the verifier.  Again, all contact information will be kept confidential, and verifiers can also request to remain anonymous.

If you can not arrange to have a qualified individual accompany you, submit your measurements, and we will try to have a registered verifier visit the tree.