Committee members and contact info

For general inquiries please contact

Sally Aitken (UBC Coordinator) sally.aitken—at—
Christine Chourmouzis (Registrar) christine.chourmouzis—at—
TJ Watt (BC BigTree Committee Chair) tj—at—

BC BigTree updates

Corrections, updates, photo and map submissions
If you would like to update or correct information (such as access, ownership, requests to hide/show exact tree locations, etc.) or submit a new photo or access map for a tree already in the registry, contact Christine Chourmouzis.

BC BigTree verifiers

If you would like to become a registered Verifier for BC BigTree, contact Christine Chourmouzis

BC BigTree committee members

Ira Sutherland mountainira—at—
Matthew Beatty mwbeatty84—at—
Bill Beese bill.beese—at—
Ralph Kelman maverickintelligence—at—
Jesse Montgomery jesse.montgomery—at—
Shaun Muc shaunmuc—at—
Sean O’Rourke seanrichardorourke—at—
Andy MacKinnon metchosinmacs—at—
TJ Watt tj—at—
Will O’Connell willsoconnell—at—
Amanda Lewis aemlewis—at—
Greg Herringer raincoaster—at—
Terry Nelson tfernienelson—at—
Ian Thomas
Colin Spratt colinspratt—at—
Mick Bailey janmick—at—
Agnes Kedmenecz akedmenecz—at—