Committee members and contact info

For general inquiries and comments please contact:

Sally Aitken (UBC Coordinator) email_SS2.png
Christine Chourmouzis (Registrar) email_CC
Ira Sutherland (BC BigTree Committee Chair) email_IS

BC BigTree updates

Corrections, updates, photo and map submissions
If you would like to update or correct information (such as access, ownership, requests to hide/show exact tree locations, etc.) or submit a new photo or access map for a tree already in the registry, contact Christine Chourmouzis.

BC BigTree verifiers

If you would like to become a registered Verifier for BC BigTree, contact Christine Chourmouzis

BC BigTree committee members

Matthew Beatty email_MB
Bill Beese email_BB
Ralph Kelman email_RK
Peter McAuliffe
Jesse Montgomery
Shaun Muc
Sean O’Rourke
Andy MacKinnon email_MB
TJ Watt email_TW
Will O’Connell email_WO
Amanda Lewis
Greg Herringer
Terry Nelson