Tree photograph submissions

Digital photographs are invaluable.  When nominating a tree you can submit up to 5 photos (jpg files).  In separate photos, try to capture the tree in profile, the base of the tree, with and without a scale reference (e.g. a person), the tree canopy, any noteworthy features, and the ecosystem or forest it is growing in.  We ask that you also include a photo of a person measuring trunk circumference showing the place and height at which the measurement was taken.

For each photo you will need to include:  photographer/image owner’s first and last name, email address (kept confidential), photo date and a photo description (optional).

Before submitting a photograph you must obtained permission from the image owner and consent from all people captured in the photograph.  For more information see “Photograph -Terms and Copyright Information” in the BC BigTree Field Guide.

If you would like to submit photographs of a tree already in the Registry please send an email to